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Free Fundraising

Helpfreely users raise funds for free each time they shop online.

An amazing platform

Thousands of partner shops - in over 15 countries - on board to give back to their customers.

Great Causes

Nonprofit organizations stand to benefit from the funds raised by and its users!

Powerful Helpfreely App

Helpfreely App reminds the users they are visiting a partner shop.

Monetizing for a good cause

The novelty is not that people shop online. It’s that we have turned it into a rewarding charitable experience. It’s a win for all parties involved.

Community Builder kickstarted its community of Heroes and nonprofits with a pack of great social sharing tools that enable an enhanced user experience.

Some shops on the platform

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What we have achieved for

- The revolution of FREE fundraising -

1mpact Revolution has created a unique online social shopping-based fundraising platform. Our proprietary platform and application enable users worldwide to shop online and raise funds for the causes they care about most.
Traditional crowdfunding and other fundraising platforms are a great way for nonprofit and for-profit entities or individuals worldwide to fund all kinds of amazing projects. This is great, but it does require ongoing campaigning from its users and actual out-of-pocket funds from supporters, donors, etc... There is quite a bit of ongoing commitment involved from both sides.
Our aim was to lower the barriers that prevent people from actually giving, making it free, easy, rewarding and personal.

With our social shopping-based fundraising platform, we solve one main issue for many supporters and donors: It is now free to give those funds. The advertiser is directly or indirectly providing those funds as part of their marketing expenses, making the return obvious for both the advertiser and user of our platform.

The marketeer can not easily buy this kind of marketing. Giving back to a good cause that his customer supports is about as personal as it will ever get. The reward and satisfaction work both ways: ‘Cause Marketing’ at its best! is a new kind of fundraising platform: An ecosystem where each participant adds a valuable part in re-thinking the way in which we do things. It addresses around 450 million digital shoppers, offering them a more conscious way of shopping. Simple, Social and Free!


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